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WUNDERKIND-Custom | About us

Driving force
2013 founded, WUNDERKIND-Custom (WK) develops high-end and stylish accessories for motorcycles which not only enhance the optics but also improve the ergonomics. The focus on best quality and modern advanced technology as well as on innovative driving pleasure and design performance. Manufacture, design and technology: made in Germany.

Primary, the cult label WUNDERKIND-Custom (WK) developed premium parts only for Harley-Davidson motorcycles – under the roof of
ABM Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH
. Meanwhile, WUNDERKIND-Custom creates motorcycle accessories also for other common motorbike brands and classical custom bikes.

The maxim: Custom Parts for individualists! No frills! Top design, the highest safety standards, and valid insurance protection.

Head and visionary
"Behind the brand stands a group of people who love motorcycles and live this passion. Each product that we develop we would also mount on our own motorcycle: wicked parts for wicked bikes. Our motorcycle accessories offer each individualist to frame his own bike at whim.”
[Christian Mehlhorn, Heard and Visionary of WUNDERKIND-Custom]

The Custom part program
Styling parts with full cover series, delicately
lighting components
individually adjustable forward controls
outweigh the range of offers. But also custom parts for the
handlebar raisers
adjustable license plate brackets
with clear contours and
short fenders
are part of the product program.

Our motorcycle parts at a glance:
Entire motorcycle cover series for a matching custom bike make-up

Forward controls, footrests & replacement pedals

Motorcycle handlebar raisers

Adjustable motorcycle brake levers and clutch levers

Motorcycle brake fluid reservoirs

Motorcycle grips

Motorcycle mirror | E-marked

Noble motorcycle license plate brackets for side and middle mounting | with/without lighting units

Diverse motorcycle indicators & lighting components

Brake discs

Why Germany?
Our foremost aim is to offer each motorcyclist ideal conditions for the best possible protection regarding driving safety and insurance coverage. Particularly with regard to an increased import of less expensive products from Asia, many safety problems arise. With
motorcycle levers
for instance. On the one hand, the motorcycle is withdrawn immediately from circulation (on the spot) in case of an inspection and a missing registration. On the other hand, it can lead to great unreliability in their operation and thus, to significant dangers. Clutches that do not disconnect properly or sealed balancing holes in the brake pump are just a few common problems. Additionally, you lose any claim of liability when having bought an Asian part which has not been proved, especially not in connection with conversions of motorcycles such as the entire modification aspects of brake systems, for example. All our accessories are approved in Germany. This encourages us in our responsibility when finalizing the manufacture of a product and its tests. Even in case of complaints you have the responsible manufacturer reachable in Germany. In case of a complaint about an Asian product, this might be more difficult.

Material, processing & safety
All accessories are developed at the location in Breisach (South Germany) to the highest safety standards and are tested with great care. Only high-quality materials are used for processing in our own production halls. The part manufacturing in many color variations is followed by the final assembly according to customer requirements follows. Rigid WK products from the mass production line do not exist. In addition,
homologation papers
allow uncomplicated entry into the vehicle documents and ensure valid insurance cover.
Our team covers passionate motorcyclists, design enthusiasts, and engineers. All our products are developed, tested and certified with great commitment. The serial production of an accessory only begins when all team members are convinced of it.

Carefulness & personal Service
Each motorcycle is different and each modification is unique. Our customers can rely on our individual, complementary and comprehensive advice. Either on-site or via
phone or email
. Detailed installation instructions, all required mounting parts, and experts’ reports are included with the product.

Together we are strong! Thus, we appreciate our cooperative partnership with
selected dealers
. Our partners are listed on our website and are pleased to receive your order and individual wishes concerning your bike conversion.
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”Quality is affordable. Reliability is invaluable. This is included with us. I do everything for that. Day by day.“

Christian Mehlhorn | Managing Director of ABM

ABM Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH
Krummholzstraße 5
D-79206 Breisach

Phone: +49 7667 9446-0

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